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In the book it is one of several between-chapter articles that add interest and provike thought on subjects related to the topics discussed in the text. Consider the two statements: We say that the third statement follows logically from the other two.

In the book it is one of several between-chapter articles that add interest and provike thought on subjects related to the topics discussed in the text. Consider the two statements: We say that the third statement follows logically from the other two.

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A diagram such as those in the preceding column may help you. No kitten without a tail will play with a gorilla; 3. Their brands of cigarettes are Luckies, Camels, Kools, Old Golds, and Chesterfields, but not necessarily in that order.

The correct conclusions are given at the bottom of the page, but do not look at them until you have written your conclusion. At the beginning of the game, the number of cigarettes possessed by each player was 20, 15, 8, 6, and 3, but not necessarily in that order.

Mark improprieties in the following phrases and correct them in the blanks at the right.

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Thus, after having thought well on this matter, and after examining all things with care, I must finally conclude and maintain that this proposition: I am, I exist, is necessarily true every time that I pronounce it or conceive it in my mind. The citizen who so values his "independence" that he will not enroll in a political party is really forfeiting independence, because he abandons a share in decision©making at the primary level: the choice of the candidate.

This article is reprinted from pages 78-79 of Pearson-Allen: Modern Algebra , Book One. Every debater is an advocate; the purpose of each speaker is to gain the belief of the audience for his side.Argument is the core of the debate speech—the superior debater must be superior in the use of argument.The only conclusion that uses all of our given statements is that W is a subset of C, as asserted by statement 4. If you had any sense of social responsibility, you would leave immediately. The army is notoriously inefficient, so we cannot expect Major Smith to do an efficient job. God exists because the Bible tells us so, and we know that what the Bible tells us must be true because it is the revealed word of God. Congress shouldn't bother to consult the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff about the military appropriations. Brown: I will give no more money to your cause next year. I might cite all the divines almost, from the foundation of Christianity, who have ever treated of this or any other theological subjects: but I shall confine myself, at present, to one equally celebrated for piety and philosophy. But there is more juvenile delinquency than ever before. Therefore the middleweight boxing champion should be severely punished, for he assaults all of his opponents. As a manufacturer he cannot be expected to realize that our aim is to educate the youth, not to make a profit. There is no proof that the secretary "leaked" the news to the papers, so she can't have done it. Diamonds are seldom found in this country, so you must be careful not to mislay your engagement ring. Was it through stupidity of through deliberate dishonesty that the Administration has hopelessly botched its foreign policy? Had our third statement been "no warm-blooded animals are subject to colds," our diagram would have been the one shown at the right and our conclusion would have been "no whales are subject to colds." If you have read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking-Glass , you know that their author, Lewis Carroll, delighted in giving sets of nonsense statements which lead to logical conclusions. As members of the armed forces, they will naturally want as much money for military purposes as they think they can get. Solicitor: That's all right, sir, we'll just put you down for the same amount that you gave this year. When we had got to this point in the argument, and every one saw that the definition of justice had been completely upset, Thrasymachus, instead of replying to me, said: "Tell me, Socrates, have you got a nurse? This makes it clear that to eliminate delinquency among the youth we must abolish the schools. You say we ought to discuss whether or not to buy a new car now. In either case, unless you are in favor of stupidity or dishonesty, you should vote against the incumbents. Since all men are mortal, the human race must some day come to an end. Four men, whom we shall call Robert, Ralph, Ronald, and Rudolph, were playing cards one evening. "An argument is any group of propositions where one proposition is claimed to follow from the others, and where the others are treated as furnishing grounds or support for the truth of the one. This means that a good thesis is crucial to your essay.An argument is not a mere collection of propositions, but a group with a particular, rather formal, structure. For argumentative or persuasive essays, the thesis is sometimes called a , or a claim.First of all, it is possible to express a proposition using any kind of grammatical construction.Interrogative, optative, or exclamatory sentences, for example, can, with appropriate contextual stage setting, be used to express propositions.We use logic every day to figure out test questions, plan our budgets, and decide who to date. We borrow from the vocabulary of logic when we say, "Brilliant deduction" or even "I don't want to argue about it." In the study of logic, however, each of these terms has a specific definition, and we must be clear on these if we are to communicate.


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