Writing Essay Expressions

It is mostly used when you provide reasons for something.Analyze means that you examine a text in detail and discuss the components and parts of a text and talk about how they interact with each other.

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When you characterize something, you make it different and distinguished from other things.You will provide reasons and evidence to explain why you criticize certain ideas.Define means that you explain the meaning of certain words or concepts.Comment means that you say something about a text or a topic.When you comment on something, you make relevant remarks about a text or a topic and provide your ideas or opinions on the text or topic.When you elaborate on something, you will illustrate an idea with rich description and explanations for it.Evaluate means that you assess the value of certain texts or ideas based on your own judgment.Consider means that you think about something carefully.You will think about a variety of aspects of a certain topic to develop your ideas or opinions on the topic.Contrast means that you mainly find differences among 2 or more things and explain how different they are from each other.When you contrast things, it is important for you to explain how you identified differences among the things that you contrast.


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