Winter Season Essay

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Although, the white color - I may say the symbol of winter, speaks about purity, I associate it also with paleness and death.

Besides the white, the predominant color of winter is grey.

There are two associations that come into one's mind when hear the word "winter" - one is the positive and one is the negative.

I would say that for me,the prevailing association is for the negative connotation of winter.

Literally, Punjab means giving the literal meaning of the "Land of Five Rivers". Bhangra music is a genre that was developed in the 1980s in England.

It entails both folk and classical music from various western regions as well as the Punjab region of India.Winter can be very unexpected and bring unconditional weather, which can lock you at home for days.In such cases I become languid and my mood is down.Usually,people imagine cozy,comfortable atmosphere with fireplace and a bottle of wine…“Punjab” has been derived from Sanskrit terminologies, which pertain to 5 rivers, namely, Beas, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, and Sutlej , and āb which is translated as water.Finally, to add to the lower spirits is the extreme weather which makes me worry about family and friends, who might be stuck and in trouble in unreachable places.Scientists always recommend prolonged outdoor activities, in order to keep one's body and spirit in good shape.I am not able to go outside and enjoy the terrific sunshine and fresh smell of grass.I once read an article about the effects of colors and how they can influence people's moods and emotions.Winter Season – There are mainly 3 seasons in India. This season is too cold in the hilly areas and mountain regions, less cold in cool temperate and monsoon regions, moderate in temperate regions and least cold in desert areas. The coldest season comes usually in December and January. Winter season is different in different regions of the world.


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