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This means he was working for his father to get money for his later schooling years.Meanwhile Marlowe was at school gaining education that he uses to write his plays.Some say one of the biggest controversies can be the issue that if Shakespeare wrote his plays or not, Although there is no real proof that Shakespeare did write his plays, the support that he didn’t outweighs the other theory.

William Shakespeare was born on April, 1564 and died on April 23, 1616. Another man named Christopher Marlowe was a professional educational writer who could have written shakespeare’s plays.

He grew up in Stratford and had a regular education. Marlowe was writing at the same time as Shakespeare.

This is backed up the very circumstantial evidence that William’s father could neither read or write.

His own daughter Judith, could only manage writing an X on her marriage certificate.

William Shakespeare has no evidence that he was eligible to write his plays. Christopher was going to jail, but he made a plan to fake his death.

A popular writer who was very smart is a large thought suspect to write shakespeare’s plays. Marlowes plan was to say he got cut by a drunk man as a self defence act at a party and he bled out from the wound.

De vere was a famous writer at the time like Marlowe and wrote very similar to “shakespeare’s work”.

De vere also acted in some of shakespeare’s plays that he wrote.

These extra years were important for Marlowe to almost get ahead of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s success also came right after Marlowe faked his death and wrote using shakespeare name (paulson).


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