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It takes a special person to become a teacher, and an even better person to stay in the field past the 3-5 year burnout period.But teaching is an extremely rewarding career for the right person. One of the greatest things about teaching is seeing your students succeed.by Lesley Martinez-Silva I aspire to make a difference in others’ lives through education.

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Every child is different and learns in different ways.

Every class has a certain dynamic that must be both controlled and catered to when it comes to classroom environment and discipline.

As well as these 10 essays, you can see more writing collections from future educators.

Additional student essays are available on the themes of: by Jennamarie Moody When I close my eyes, I picture myself in a school located in an urban setting, teaching a classroom of diverse yet alike students.

You have autonomy in your classroom to choose exactly how your students learn. Teaching is a great career for those who want to have a family.

Your children will share the same vacation days, so it's easy to save on child care and plan family vacations.

Summer vacation is a great perk to teaching and gives you a chance to rest, recuperate, and plan for the next year. In your classroom will be future doctors, lawyers, construction workers, property managers, hairstylists, and yes, even burger flippers.

As a teacher, you may see them more than their parents.

These students are in the second grade, meaning that they are impressionable yet vulnerable to their environment whether this means at home, at school, or in their greater community.

Some of these students don’t speak English as their first language, and some come from low-income households that can limit their educational experiences outside of the classroom.


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