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It is also the land of my ancestors." The final line links back to the opening line, creating a sense of closure.The final line also seems to clarify the meaning of the opening line.

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As the day would come too noon the hot humid sea breeze would flow through the air and would spray on me, my day came to an end.

My neighbor was this little red head girl with freckles that covered ever corner of her face like a thousand stars that covered the night sky.

The opening sentence of Laurence's essay "Where the World Began" is as follows: "A strange place it was, that place where the world began." This is an effective opening line for a descriptive essay because it is vague enough to allow plenty of scope for the imagination to wander but at the same time offers some clues to direct the imagination.

The word "place" is rather vague, and so mysterious, and the fact that it is repeated emphasizes the mystery.

The opening sentence also contains repetition, an important literary device; the word “place” appears twice.

Ultimately, Laurence’s opening sentence is intriguing and somewhat open-ended; therefore, it succeeds in setting up a compelling descriptive essay.She was very quiet and almost mysterious, I always wanted to know what was behind the doors of her big white house. So I took my bike and left it out front her house and went in.One day I was riding my bike from school feeling the wind rushing through my hair as I went down the hill which turned into our street I could see her bright strawberry hair at the end of the street she looked tired and dull almost as if she was waiting for me. no one was home but her big tired and exhausted looking dog just slightly opened his eyes to see who it was and looked at me as if he wasn’t at all amused by me and closed his eyes shut. ” but I knew I wouldn’t forget her or where I came from.As I would stand on the beach just looking, my eyes were like a digital camera capturing every moment.Ploughing against the shore, the small rippling waves that would wash the night’s debris onto the shore.As I slowly dug my toes into the sand on the white foamy waves would crash onto my toes and pull the sand back into the ocean.I would see the foamy mist spray onto my friend’s faces, as they were stumbling around the moist sand.When I was younger I wanted to move and travel the world.Now that I have moved from where my world began I want to go back to the start and repeat my memories over and over again like playing your same favorite song over and over again and just never getting tired of it. My world, which has formed me and shaped the way I am today, the way I see the world my perspective on things. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team.


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