What Should A Personal Essay Included With A College Application Not Do

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When I subtract the opening comments and this parenthetical and look just at the “personal statement” portion of what I’ve written, it’s 658 words.

When I subtract the opening comments and this parenthetical and look just at the “personal statement” portion of what I’ve written, it’s 658 words.So I can give one more example, and then I need to conclude.]The best thing about Quora – no, I can't say a best thing. There is no single answer; a lot of it depends on the personalities of the admissions officers, as well as the institutional goals of the school in question.

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The actual science of transgenderism was nonexistent when I was studying biology in the 1970s, so I find it fascinating to know that there is a biological basis that transcends the self perceptions that create sexual orientation.

There were also quite a few admissions consultants or interviewers who are as generous in sharing their knowledge in their particular fields as I hope to be in mine.

I could wander over and look at questions just randomly to see what people were writing about.

I've learned an awful lot about transgenderism that I didn't know before, by reading other peoples' answers, or having them critique mine.

I’m at 700 words, and if this were an actual personal statement, I would proofread it two or three times, following my rules for proofreading, which include setting the document aside for a few days, reading it aloud, or even better, having someone read it aloud to me, since their brain won't automatically fill in the words that I omitted; and printing it on paper or on screen in 20 point type; the larger font makes errors easier to see. I've not only answered your question, but I've created my new personal statement for the year. My examples show you the things that I value: knowledge, new facts, as well as new subject matter, [the 30 minute timer just went off] the willingness to accept criticism, and the ability to learn from it.

It also shows you that I'm not a bragger; I told you how few readers I had on Facebook, and that I fit much better here in Quora, but I didn't show off how many readers or whatever I have accumulated.

Otherwise, it’s filling several different purposes: A good starting point is impeccable grammar and sentence structure.

Professionals in any field have to know how to write; that's just nonnegotiable.

I have heard Edward Tom, the [now retired] Dean of Admissions at Berkeley Law School, say that he would reject someone for a single grammatical error in their personal statement.

The next commonality is the word "personal." A personal statement is not a rehash of your resume, nor is it a summary of why you want to choose a certain major or attend a certain school.


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