What Makes A Successful Business Plan

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A business plan is essential to attracting investment for startups.

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Business Description This section explains what your business does.

It includes your business’s history, mission, organizational structure and strategy for marketing.

It touches on your business’s mission, history, organization and structure.

The executive summary should provide a brief overview of your products or services, your strategy for marketing your products or services, and a summary of projected sales, profits and cash flows.

Including organizational charts can be a good way to convey this information visually.

You should also include the experience and responsibilities of your business’s executives.Financial Projections This section forecasts the future financial health of your business.It should include three documents: an income statement projecting how much your company will earn or lose; a cash-flow statement illustrating how much cash your business will need and where that cash will come from; and a balance sheet reflecting how much your business will own versus how much it will owe.A good business plan provides monthly projections for the first year, quarterly projections for the second year, and annual projections for your plan’s remaining years.To ensure parity, you should complete this section after your organizational and marketing sections.Appendix This section includes supplemental materials such as resumes of your company’s leaders, product designs, complete market analysis, legal documents and reference letters.The appendix should be provided on an as-needed basis — especially if it contains sensitive information.Marketing and Sales Strategy This section details how you will market and sell your product or service.The marketing strategy includes how you will identify and attract customers; how you will grow your business; how you will distribute your product or service; and how you will communicate with your target market.Once you have completed your business plan, review it regularly to monitor the progress of your business and make necessary adjustments.Keep a record of every business plan you distribute.


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