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The montage sequence mirrors reflect the former with close ups. In the United Kingdom, the Norsefire political party acquired its power through imposing disorder and fear to the populace.

In the end, when their paths meet the second time, it is Evey saving V. Years ago, Norsefire used unreasonable elimination of people who had not met their standards of purity.

The same montage is viewed after V rescued her against the rapist.

After they are separated, she reports her duty at work place, which happens to beware V; attempts to address the country live on TV. Outline Annotation Analysis Opinion Works Cited Annotation: The movie V for Vendetta shows a society whose political environment is driven not by the voice of its own people but is controlled by the rules of the government.

The gunshot from above enabled the spectators view these people metaphorically and accurately.

Fawkes is putting on a shirt that is white signifying his innocence.

Review of the Film V for Vandetta Introduction The movie mainly focuses on terrorism and whether it is a justifiable means of bringing about a transformation in government.

In this film, the British government has developed into a totalitarian, dictatorial authority and the citizens have become apathetic and fearful.

Three things that illustrate this theme are the use of narration, body language, and......

V for Vendetta: A Critical Approach Alan Moore and artist, David Lloyd may well be praised for providing inspiration for generations of individuals with its philosophy of anti-totalitarianism.


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