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It’s nice to go and explore something that you’re really passionate about.

It’s nice to go and explore something that you’re really passionate about.“Having seen the quality of some of the winning entrants for similar essay prizes, I was absolutely amazed to be one of the winners.

The Society exists to promote discussion and lively debate about a wide range of historical matters.

Meetings have been addressed by a variety of outside speakers in recent years, including leading historians Sir John Keegan and Richard Holmes, and ancient historian, Boris Johnson.

Meetings often include a discussion of various topics from beyond the curriculum, such as current-affairs, logical problems or ethical debates.

Pelicans undertake an extended project annually, exploring a topic of personal intellectual interest, developing the skills of research, structuring an argument, and presentation of findings, on paper or orally.

Gatherings are held once or twice every half term, with the final meeting of term traditionally being a pizza party.

Meetings may take the form of a short talk, activity or presentation, or even a puzzle evening, pub quiz, or mathematically-themed theatre trip.

It provides pupils with the ideal forum for debate and discussion about the many facts and facets of geography.

Lower Sixth students Rupert Gardiner, Ethan Aho and Francoise Dyer have enjoyed success in illustrious history essay competitions.

I did “Should academic historians set aside their personal political inclinations?

” I’m almost certain that my essay was fully submitted, so I’m sure it’s just an unhelpful delay.


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