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It was summer of 1994, school was off and I was excited to join my parents for summer vacation in Rwanda.

I was 16 years old and life to me meant nothing more than enjoyment.

One week into my vacation I learnt a lesson of my life.

I saw innocent people being deprived their live without justifiable reasons. Within these thousand years many trees grew and destroyed or cut down. Death is the ultimate fate of all the living beings. I read a story about the legendary Greek soldier Alexander.According to the holy books like the Quran, the Bible, and the Tipitaka one day the world would be destroyed and all the living creatures would die. During his campaign in India his soldiers caught ten monks for agitating the people against him. The second value that I cherish the most in my life is dedication. Though I value passion and I value dedication, I see the two as one. The most important thing in my life and the thing I value most is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The monk's answer may be very strange but it is true. Sufferings, injustice, love, hatred, struggle and so many other things that are directly or indirectly related to humans only become meaningful when human beings are alive and what a person does he suffers the consequences all his life not in death. The life we lead is not chosen by us that is, before birth nobody decides which race, which family he/she would born. At this very moment an adult person may be pulling a cart, or pulling a rickshaw to support himself and his family. Fail to understand them, and others decide your life's course. When I see many people suffering around the world, and my past experiences, make me value my life and life of other people around me.In the book Man's Search for Meaning by Frankl, I learned how innocent people suffered and/or died because of few people who did not care about the value of life anymore.As they were brought to him he asked one of them Tell me who is more powerful life or death?? and the monk replied,life is more powerful then death for it bares dishonesty and injustice and tolerates them.? Family, to me, is like the backbone of life, they always have my back and vice versa. My goal in life is to continue having strong goals and make sure I adhere to those values so that they don't become weak values. I get these values, and many others, from several different places that my life evolves around. You have nothing to worry about when ordering from our web site.And if you are still not convinced, read customer testimonials, to find what other people think of our cheap custom essay service.


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