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I've enjoyed this season overall, but these last couple of episodes, and the set-up with Eric taking over East Dillon High, has me for the first time really pulling for renewal."Tomorrow Blues" does a fine job of seeing off several of the graduating characters.

I've enjoyed this season overall, but these last couple of episodes, and the set-up with Eric taking over East Dillon High, has me for the first time really pulling for renewal."Tomorrow Blues" does a fine job of seeing off several of the graduating characters.

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A fourth season with Eric as coach at East Dillon -- with lousy facilities, no boosters, and all the good players gerrymandered into the Dillon High district by Buddy and Joe Mc Coy -- has potential to not only be very different, but really inspiring.

It's one thing to see Eric work in a system where he's the master of all he surveys, and quite another for him to be running a team where "Lance"(**) could conceivably be his most talented player.

And if it ends, we'll always have those moments where "Friday Night Lights" reached deep into our guts, or brushed across our spines, and moved us in a way that few of us would have expected from a show about Texas high school football.

If this is the end -- if the last image of the series is of Eric and Julie holding each other and staring out at that abandoned field that's about to become Eric's new professional home -- then we'll still have our memories.

If you type any of the characters names in You Tube, you will immediately be offered hundreds of personalised montages of them to ‘Fix You’ or ‘My Hero’ or one of those three songs by The Fray.

Matt Saracen is the most devastating character on where Matt doesn’t someone encounter a tiny humiliation, a moment of being let down or something that further justifies his feeling that everyone he loves eventually abandons him.

And the developments with both Saracen and Coach work either as thematically-appropriate farewells to both characters -- we've known from episode one that, in the world of "Friday Night Lights," not every person gets the fate they deserve, no matter how hard-working or pure of heart -- or as springboards for a fourth season.

Good as this season has been, we're all aware how much of it was retracing familiar ground from the show's first year.

We eventually got the murder (though it came from Katims, not NBC), and we got the bikinis, too, but the brief glimpses here didn't so much feel titillating as they did wistful, as we saw Lyla with Tim, and Tyra with Landry, enjoying those peaceful and carefree last days of high school and the welcome arrival of spring and then summer.* Just as last week gave us a Street reference with Tyra's brainstorming session for her application essay, this one gives us one last Smash reference, as Buddy invokes his name as a recruitment tool. * Speaking of which, for the last time this season, it's time for me to call on the high school football experts (Texas or otherwise) to explain exactly how you do recruitment (or whatever Buddy called it) when, in theory, kids go to whatever school is in their district.* The moment where Eric and Julie gave Julie a new car was sweet, but whatever happened to the used one she planned to buy with her Applebee's money?

* Another nice nod to the show's history: Buddy and Tyra's mom dance at Mindy's wedding, and enough time has clearly passed that they can do it -- and Lyla can watch -- without anyone's feelings being hurt.* Loved Billy's stupid white tux and ten gallon hat.


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