Types Essays Ap English Exam

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The free-response section of the exam will require you to write three essays, as outlined in the course description on College Board.

There are three types of articles, and each year the content is changed. You will be presented a topic and must choose a position.

Students reply to a given topic by creating an evidence-based argument.

You can find AP English Language practice questions on the Guide to AP English Language.

offers model AP style questions for various topics.

Types Essays Ap English Exam

Read different prompts, write practice essays and improve your performance.The Free-response section accounts to 55% of your score.The exam consists of 52 – 55 multiple-choice questions.According to College Board’s 2016 Student Score Distributions Guide only 10.7% of AP English Language students received a 5 in 2016.To achieve the optimal score, you’ll need to present yourself clearly with well-written essays. This grade is then multiplied by 3.0556 for the weighted score.Then you will formulate a clear and convincing essay to sway the reader.You must employ appropriate evidence and persuasive arguments, to make your point.There are many invaluable resources online through College Board and to aid in your test preparation.Take advantage of AP English Language Free-Response Questions from past years on College Board.They must create an argument which uses at least three of the sources to support their thesis.Students read a non-fiction passage and interpret how the author’s language choice contributed to his or her intended meaning and purpose for writing.


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