Tx Power Level Assignment

Also, on each channel line, scroll right to get to TX Power setting for that channel.This setting is subordinate to the overall level set on the System screen.

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So in fact, for SISO client the max TX power per stream is higher compared to a MIMO client using multiple streams and beamforming. ENABLED ap#show controllers dot11Radio 1 Radio Info Summary: ======================= Radio: 5.0GHz Carrier Set: (-E) Germany ( DE ) Configured Frequency: 5500MHz Channel:100 20MHz Serving Frequency: 5500Mhz Channel: 100 20MHz Number of Transmit Antennas: 4 Configured Antenna Gain(d Bi): 4 Total Supported Power Levels:8 Allowed total powers(d Bm): 23 20 17 14 11 8 5 2 Allowed per-path powers(d Bm): 17 14 11 8 5 2 -1 -4 Antenna config: ==================== Antenna: RX [ a b c d ] TX [ a b c d ] External Antenna Gain: 1. The EIRP per antenna (and total) is ~21 d Bm (125m W).

Caution: If a client is using three streams and additionally Client Link (beamforming) is used, four transmit antennas are used in total! whatever 🙂 So what is the take home message until now? Here’s a summary how the outputs of the AP, the WLC and the “channels and maximum power level” sheet from Cisco correlate (2802i example): Note: The power level, which defines the cell size is the power level for the single stream.

17 d Bm Tx Power Level 4 .......................... AUTOMATIC Current Tx Power Level ....................

14 d Bm Tx Power Level 5 ..........................

I can see them on the scope but not read the level, And last the Low power setting is 50 watts. I have the programming software with the newest update, is there a alignment software I'm not aware of. As this is used as a base station I would like to hook up 2 speakers.

* * Reply from Joe - 7/28/2017 * * ------------------------------------------------------------------- KNG-M150 In regards to the Power settings, Where hi power is 50 watts and low power is 20 -30 watts. With the hope of being able to turn on or off one of the speakers from the front of the radio.

pins 23,11 and 24 can be set active LO or active HI.

The mobile does not supply a highlogic voltage, it requires an external pullup resistor or circuit that can sense an open vs ground condition.

I'm confused with the RS485 & RS422 Terminal notations. RS422 usually is full duplex, it uses two pairs for bidirectional transmission, point to point.

As per the datasheet of MAX485 pin description, A = Noninverting Receiver Input and Noninverting Driver Output (Rx & Tx ) B = Inverting Receiver Input and Inverting Driver Output (Rx- & Tx-) Y = Noninverting Driver Output (Tx ) Z = Inverting Driver Output (Tx-) But as per the internet search most of them market as below, A = Tx- B = Tx one is correct & which one i can follow. RS485 can be full duplex, half duplex and has bus capabilities.


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