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An inside look at the 1988 presidential campaign deconstructs the self-reflexive world of the American political process."To those of us who remained committed mainly to the exploration of moral distinctions and ambiguities, the feminist analysis seemed a particularly narrow and cracked determinism." This 1968 classic captured its era like few other books.

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Slouching Toward Bethlehem is a collection of essays by the writer Joan Didion.

The essays range in topic from murder to hippies, and from the meaning of self-respect to the existence of morality in the modern world.

Examining the fall-out from the cultural revolution through a mix of reportage and personal refelction.

In the face of death, the author grapples with some of life's most difficult questions.

Didion begins this section with an essay about her habit of keeping notebooks.

She uses the essay to try to figure out why she would have a habit of this kind when she cannot always remember what the notes mean.When the car would not navigate the embankment, Mrs.Miller was accused of lighting her husband on fire and watching him burn.The last section of the book covers many things, including the impact of war on Hawaii, the uniqueness of Alcatraz, and the beauty of Sonora.Didion ends her book with an essay on her reasons for leaving New York.Didion presents her observations with a tone that is an attempt at objectivity; however, the reader can infer the author's disapproval of some of the situations she encounters, such as the teenagers who ran away from home because their parents did not approve of their style of dress and their choice of friendships.The collection then changes to a more personal tone.Each essay is personal, full of insights and opinions.Each essay is a self contained commentary on life, on lifestyles, and on life's expectations based on the time they were written, the 1960s.What it means is that tonight a Santa Ana will begin to blow..." "You can't just leave a body on the highway," she said."It's immoral." "Once, in a dry season, I wrote in large letters across two pages of a notebook that innocence ends when one is stripped of the delusion that one likes oneself..." The dark side of the American Dream. A startlingly insightful account of the ideological aftermath of 9/11.


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