Thesis Statement About Stem Cells Research

Thesis Statement About Stem Cells Research-36
However, through the application of the new stem cell science, there is a new hope.

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These are advantageous in that they give rise to every cell in the fully formed body.

Additionally, they provide valuable renewable resources for the study of the normal human development and disease, testing drugs and other diseases.

Subsequently, depending on the specific need, some stem cells have the capacity for stochastic differentiation under which a single cell may develop into different differentiated daughter cells while another one undergoes mitosis and hence produces two stem cells that is exact replica of the original.

Therefore, in the end, nothing new or untoward is produced from this type of cell.

The speech was important to embryology as a field because it determined the US federal government’s policy on funding human ESC research for the eight years of George W. Bush first spoke of the importance of the stem cell debate to American citizens and provided background information on embryonic stem cell research.

He then outlined the central questions he said determine whether embryonic stem cell research can be done in concert with good ethics.Therefore I feel that the future use of the stem cells will be irreplaceable for therapeutic purpose as in your case my dear friend. Research Writing Service from Ph D and master’s accredited writers. Bush gave an eleven-minute speech from his ranch in Crawford, Texas, on the ethics and fate of US federal funding for stem cell research. Bush also announced the creation of a special council to oversee stem cell research.In the speech President Bush acknowledged the importance of issues surrounding stem cell research to many Americans, presented different arguments in favor of and opposing embryonic stem cell research, and explained his decision to limit but not completely eliminate potential federal funding for embryonic stem cell (ESC) research.Stem cell are different from other cells from other cell in the human body through or due to their characteristic three properties their ability to divide and renew themselves for longer periods their unspecialized nature as well as their capacity and ability to give rise to all specialized type of cell which is probably why your medical team holds the opinion that you may need some stem cell for your treatment.You see in the case of spinal cord injuries like yours, the spinal cord has some very specialized type of cell that is highly fragile and incapable of self-regeneration over a longer period of time.However, in some cases, multi-potent or un-potent progenitor cells are also treated and classified as stem cells.Stem cells posse two basic mechanisms that low them to obtain an obligatory systematic replication or a character under which a cell divides into a single mother cell that is exactly identical to the original stem cell as well as another daughter cell that is distinctly differentiated.In addition, once injured such cell may fail to proliferate themselves again unlike the stem cell and thereby remain unspecialized for the specific and sensitive functions of the spinal cord like the original cell were prior to the injury.This most likely is the reason why your medical team feels that stem cells may hold the key to some fundamental properties in your injury that relates to the long-term self-renewal in order to achieve a more potent healing.


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