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Councill (2004) ​An investigation of the foundational components and skills necessary for a successful first-year string class: a modified delphi technique study / by Erika A.

Schulte (2004) ​The application of different teaching strategies reflective of individual students' learning modalities in the university flute studio class / by Nicole L.

New dissertations and theses are regularly added to the OSU Library Catalog which the select lists, updated less frequently, may not include. Blurred Lines: Musical Expertise in the History of American Copyright Litigation / by Katherine M.

Full text release has been delayed at the author's request until August 07, 2018.

Gallant (1992) ​Characteristics of in-service urban music teachers and pre-service music teachers in Ohio and their attitudes toward teaching music in urban schools / by Stephen Wade Ausmann (1991). ​Selected aspects of curricular pacing in introductory nonmajor music classes / by Kim Franklin Shirey (1990). ​The effect of differential choral group instruction on children's vocal and rhythmic performance of taught and transfer patterns / by Amy D.

Chivington (1990) ​Justifying music in the American public school : a survey of selected Ohio school personnel / by Barbara S.Halbe (2004) The clarinet in early America, 1758-1820 / by Jane Elizabeth Ellsworth (2004) Prosody and rhythm in the post-Tridentine reform of plainchant / by Joshua Joel Veltman (2004) The musico-dramatic evolution of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific" / by James A.Lovensheimer (2003) "Singing to another tune" : contrafacture and attribution in troubadour song / by Billee A.Temporal organization in the masses of Johannes Ockeghem / by Andrew J.Farina (2014) Pietro Aaron on musica plana : a translation and commentary on Book I of the Libri tres de institutione harmonica (1516) / by Matthew Joseph Bester (2013) Hearing their stories through polyphonic soundtracks : women and music in contemporary Chinese film / by Zhichun Lin (2013). Full-text release has been delayed at the author's request until October 17, 2018.For the audio files associated with this dissertation, click here. Percy Aldridge Grainger's "The Warriors" : an historical and analytical study / by David M. 1435-1511) : a comparative study of theory and practice / by William Eugene Melin (1973) The theatre music of Daniel Purcell / by Robert Squire Barstow (1968) The Huguenot psalter in the low countries : a study of its monophonic and polyphonic manifestations in the sixteenth century / by Howard Jay Slenk (1965) An investigation of fourth and fifth year pre-service music teachers' preferences for, familiarity with, and willingness to teach six ethnic music styles in Taiwan / by Chia-Chieh Wu (2017) A survey of piano teachers whose students have ADHD : their training, experiences, and best practices / by William David Mullins (2017) University music unit-sponsored, non-music major orchestras in the United States / by Laura Kerr Hill (2017) Rural school string/orchestra programs: profile and recommendations / by Blair Ashley Williams (2016) What is at stake in jazz education?Savva Mamontov and the Moscow Private Opera : from realism to modernism on the Russian operatic stage / by Olga Haldey (2002). Montage Shostakovich : film, popular culture, and the finale of the Piano Concerto No. "Anything you are shows up in your music:" : Mary Lou Williams and the sanctification of jazz / by Tammy L. (2015) Surviving set theory : a pedagogical game and cooperative learning approach to undergraduate post-tonal music theory / by Angela N.Bonse (2003) Writing modernist and avant-garde music in Mexico : performativity, transculturation, and identity after the revolution, 1920-1930 / by Alejandro L. Music in the Black and White communities in Petersburg, Virginia, 1865-1900 / by Ethel Maureen Norris (1994). Using hypermedia to enrich the learning experience of college students in a music appreciation course / Henry Edgar Duitman (1993). 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For the audio files associated with this dissertation, click here.​Keyboard improvisation characteristics of freshman and sophomore instrumental and vocal music majors / by Susan Lorrainne Chess (2005) ​Teaching improvisation to piano students of elementary to intermediate levels / by Yawen Eunice Chyu (2004) ​Student career perception : 6th-11th grade music students' assessment of self-efficacy, social perception, and potential enjoyment for music education and other possible careers / by Kimberly H.


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