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Considerable research has focused on financial rewards as a tool to encourage “good” decisions.This dissertation examines the psychology and efficacy of monetary incentives—compared to multiple nonmonetary incentives—with respect to individuals’ choices, performance, and habits.In particular, the chapters tackle different aspects of how integration has changed over time and the relevance of particular global factors in pricing.

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Modern organizations increasingly rely on teams to act as information processors—pooling and integrating various sources of information in order to solve complex problems and reach quality decisions.

Traditional frameworks for the influence of diversity suggest that diversity can enhance decision making by adding to the backgrounds and perspectives that can be applied to a given task.

Negotiations are not solely an exchange of numbers.

Rather, negotiators often surround their offers with explanations, accounts, and rationales that seek to justify, explain, and legitimize whatever terms they are proposing.

public finance, corporate finance, or personal finance.

Finance specialists have a knack for working with numbers, constantly forecasting current financial trends and seeing how they’ll lead to profit.

In this study I provide evidence consistent with this conjecture.

In particular, I first document a positive association between ETF flows and the price-to-fundamentals relation of underlying stocks.

However, surprisingly little scholarship has studied the role of these stories and the evidence that does exist seems inconclusive.

In this dissertation, I examine how, why, and when the words we use in trying to explain and justify our positions work but also often fail to work in negotiations.


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