Thesis Defense Refreshments

The Graduate Advisory Committee assists in planning the remainder of the student's program including enrollment, revision of degree plan, admission to candidacy, thesis title and proposal, thesis approval, type of research problem, and the final oral or written comprehensive examination.

: If a member of a Graduate Advisory Committee is absent during the time when approval, disapproval, or advice is needed by the student to meet officially scheduled deadlines (such as during the three weeks after the reading copy of the thesis has been submitted, during the time of the officially scheduled comprehensive examination, or at the time of thesis approval), the graduate coordinator shall appoint a substitute.

Choose a narrow, well-defined topic (your GAC chair may help you focus or narrow down the topic).

The Graduate Advisory Committee is made up of three to four faculty members (one chairperson and two to three other faculty members) who guide and advise the student during the thesis process.

Consider a topic related to your professional interests.

Choose a manageable research problem that can be addressed or solved in a reasonable amount of time.

: After the student submits a reading copy of the thesis, at least six weeks prior to expected graduation date, the committee shall return it with any editorial comments within three weeks.

No member shall hold the thesis longer than one week.

A note from the Dean of the Graduate School: Congratulations!

You are embarking on an exciting and fulfilling intellectual journey.


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