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The exposition in the movie and book looked completely different when compared side by side.

For the exposition of the book , the scene opens up with Ponyboy walking out of the movie theater.

In this way, the book differentiates from the movie.

Nevertheless, the directors of the movie attempted to show Ponyboy’s first person point of view by manipulating some scenes.

With the exception of Ponyboy, the viewer misses out on knowing most of the novel's characters.

Darry and Soda are relatively minor characters in the movie, and the viewer is given little insight into their lives.Although people understand that adding in everything would make the movie lengthy, everything cut out played a significant role in the storyline.How else would they understand that Johnny and Dally’s death emotionally traumatized not only Ponyboy, but everyone else as well.Abruptly ending with the death of Dally, after Johnny, and having a sudden switch to Ponyboy in the study, could possibly confuse the readers.No one would know that Ponyboy had many depressing moments.When turning a book into a movie, many components need to be taken into consideration.Incorporating each and every detail exactly would challenge the directors, greatly. People who worked on the movie did a great job portraying the book. Hinton, wrote the book in a first person point of view.Some changes, such as this one, can be questionable, though.Keeping the exposition the same would not ruin the movie.The whole point of the telling of Ponyboy's story is to give meaning to Johnny's death.Johnny had wanted Ponyboy to tell Dally certain truths, and given that Dally is dead, Pony writes this story down for all of the Dallys in the world: "Someone should tell their side of the story, and maybe people would understand then and wouldn't be so quick to judge a boy by the amount of hair oil he wore." The movie and book do begin and end with the same lines, the difference being, only readers understand the meaning behind them.


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