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Every other chapter in the book is entitled “Night”. How is Night significant for Offred, and what is it placed in contrast to?The title of the book, “The Handmaid’s Tale,” is deceptively simple. Why might Gilead have chosen the word “Handmaid” to describe the role of these women, rather than something else?Public hangings serve as torture to victims and as ominous warnings to others who may consider breaking laws.

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Offred leaves the novel on a deliberately ambiguous note.Alternatively, you could compare one or both video adaptations to the original novel.Want to read an example essay about oppression and lack of freedom in The Handmaid’s Tale?Because they have this seemingly small amount of control, they’re more willing to accept their roles and the rules of society.Their complacency continues as long as they’re given some amount of control (over something or someone).The Guardians of the Faith and The Eyes are prime examples.They have little control over their own lives, but they’re essentially spies watching over others.They have no freedom to choose their own sexual partners or experience intimacy. After all, keeping people uneducated means that the totalitarian government can maintain control over society.As in many dystopian novels, most citizens of Gilead are content to accept their new lives and lack of freedoms.Consider examining how the theme of freedom in The Handmaid’s Tale fits into the dystopian genre.You might also write a comparison and contrast essay to compare the theme of freedom in The Handmaid’s Tale to other dystopian novels, such as 1984 or Fahrenheit 451.


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