The Challenge Of Modernity Essays On Grazia Deledda

While analyzing the transformation of the short story throughout the centuries, students will use their creative writing as a means to travel, figuratively, into foreign landscapes; to experiment, literally, with foreign concepts and forms.Student travelers will discover key questions in Italian cultural history such as the Italian search for a common linguistic identity or the struggle for political unification.The acquisition of aural/oral communication skills will be stressed and, as such, the predominant language of instruction will be Italian.

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Whenever possible, the written assignments will be designed to foster practical communication skills and encourage efforts towards increased student integration in the local Italian-speaking community.

This course is designed for students who have completed one semester of Italian language study.

This course uses techniques of oral expression to develop greater conversational fluency and accuracy.

Conversational practice is based on topics in the culture and contemporary civilization related to the language.

Some of Italy's major film directors will be considered, such as Rossellini, De Sica, Visconti, Antonioni, the Taviani brothers, Scola.

Particular attention is dedicated to the films of Fellini.

The course introduces the student to the development of Italian cinema through close study of the relationship between Italian literature and film adaptation.

The selected books and films will offer a unique opportunity to analyze and discuss crucial issues related to the historical, political, and cultural evolution of Italy from its Unification to the present.

The land and the people of Italy and the Italian-speaking world: historical, social and cultural evolution; major developments in the arts (literature, music, opera, figurative arts, theater, cinema,; television, digital cultures, and new technologies) as these relate to enduring questions related to linguistic and political unity, immigration and emigration, race, class, gender and sexuality.

Aspects of contemporary Italy are also covered Aspects of political, social and cultural history of twentieth century Italy are studied through documentaries and some of the major accomplishments of Italian cinema. Most of the films are in Italian (some with English subtitles).


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