The Book Of Night Women Essay

The Book Of Night Women Essay-37
Her mind jumps from one subject to the next, and she sometimes spirals into tangents.

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This is the scarf the woman uses to attract her nighttime patrons.

The woman is a prostitute, a woman stuck between the daytime and the nighttime.

The story called “Night Women” by Edwidge Danticat and the story called “The Awakening” by Crystal Wilkinson portray womanhood in different ways.

However, both stories are very interesting and convey powerful ideas to the readers.

A 25-year-old woman sits in the dark and watches her son prepare for bed.

A curtain splits their one-room house into two separate spaces.

It is about the life and hard times of any single mother who has to do whatever possible to provide a means for their family because her son’s father decided to “disappear with the nights shadows a long time ago.” It shows different feelings, which are mixed, and some of these feelings are the innocence of a child as well as the care and love of a mother through hard work, sacrifice, and dedication.

She was a prostitute, a job that is very hard for any woman, but most of them depend on it in order to succeed and make money to cover their costs of living.

Before she lets in her suitors, she blows on his eyelashes and touches his face to make sure he is truly sleeping. He comes every Tuesday and Saturday and brings flowers.

He has a wife, but claims that she isn’t as beautiful as the night woman.


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