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Kirk (William Shatner) and the crew of the Enterprise as they seek out a Klingon spy as seen in the classic episode The Trouble with Tribbles.

Kirk (William Shatner) and the crew of the Enterprise as they seek out a Klingon spy as seen in the classic episode The Trouble with Tribbles.Captain Sisko (Avery Brooks), Dax (Terry Farrell), O’Brien, Bashir (Alexander Siddig) and Worf (Micheal Dorn) all must find a way to blend in and not disrupt the timeline, and what we get is a tour de force episode that blends the characters from Deep Space Nine seamlessly into footage from The Original Series.A Pah'wraith (evil entities who are enemies of the Bajoran Prophets) possesses and impersonates Keiko, but reveals her identity to Miles, threatening to kill her if he doesn't carry out her mysterious instructions.

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The Assignment Ds9

I thought I could take the uniform, wrap it around the pain and toss them both away. Running may help for a little while, but sooner or later the pain catches up with you, and the only way to get rid of it is to stand your ground and face it. From this day, I wish to provide food for you and your House, and all I ask is to share your company... Julian Bashir: (examining an injured Quark) A compound fracture of the right radius, two fractured ribs, torn ligaments, strained tendons, numerous contusions, bruises and scratches. Elim Garak: [Jem'Hadar soldiers beam onto Runabout] Ah! Now would you kindly point us in the direction of the wormhole? The Dominion recognizes us for what we are, the true leaders of the Alpha Quadrant. Now I'm not afraid of bending the rules every once in a while if the situation warrants it. Benjamin Sisko: My father always used to say that "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." I laid the first stone right there. I'd pay any price, go to any lengths, because my cause was righteous, my... Benjamin Sisko: That was my first moment of real doubt, when I started to wonder if this whole thing was a mistake. So, with a seemingly legitimate rod in one hand, and a dead senator in the other, I ask you Captain... And all it cost was the life of one Romulan senator, one criminal... I don't know about you, but I'd call that a bargain. Unfortunately for Rom, he gets pulled into the possession story, when Miles asks him to do something secretive, and things get very serious for everyone involved, with Keiko’s life hanging in the balance.And it’s the Ferengi who discovers what is being done by Miles and reveals it to the Ops officer who puts it all together, and comes up with a way to save the day and Keiko.They call up the Federation and invite them right in! You like Earth jazz, she prefers Klingon opera, so you compromise: you listen to Klingon opera. Odo: I’ll never understand this obsession with accumulating material wealth. My men understood that and that's why they loved me. And they'd come back covered in blood, but they felt clean. Troi, and as for everyone else, well, they'll be back to normal in a day or two. [to Sisko] I promised Nerys that I'd meet her in her quarters this evening. If you go into my quarters and examine the bulkhead next the the replicator you'll notice theres a false panel. There were two civilians on board, in addition to the prisoners and the crew. friend Tora Naprem and a Tora Ziyal, a thirteen year-old girl. Miles O'Brien: So, let me get this straight: all we have to do is get past an enemy fleet, avoid a tachyon detection grid, beam into the middle of Klingon headquarters and avoid the Brotherhood of the Sword long enough to set these things up and activate them in front of Gowron? You use my daughter to lure me here, you're asking me to risk my ship on some fool's errand into the Klingon Empire, and you're pregnant. So here you were ready to have a nice night watching the Karo-net match and you wind up spending an agonizing evening listening to Klingon opera. You spend your entire life plotting and scheming to acquire more and more possessions until your living areas are bursting with useless junk. How can there be war crimes when there hasn't been a war? I would order them to go out and kill Bajoran scum. Behind that panel is a compartment containing an isolinear rod. Julian Bashir: I mean, if anything, by spending your free time in the bedroom, a place you intimately associate with Keiko, you are actually expressing...a desire to be closer to her...during her absence. I hope First Minister Shakaar appreciates what a lucky man he is. It is customary among her people for the man to bring the leg of a Lingta to the first courtship dinner. I have been fighting for Bajoran independence..since I was old enough to pick up a phaser. But I couldn't bear to hear those horrible screams. Without the support of the Central Command, the Cardassian settlers won't be so eager to fight. This is the perfect time to sit down and hammer out an agreement. Attacking the Cardassians now will only escalate the conflict, and make peace more expensive in the long run. I'm here to help you concede the wisdom of the state, to prepare you to accept the inevitable with equanimity. Right now, I see no alternative but to honor their request, unless of course... Legate Kell: You have lost control of Terok Nor, disgracing yourself and Cardassia. Zanthi Fever is a virus which affects the empathic abilities of um... It causes them to project their emotions onto others. Because they are your troops, and you have to take care of them. Starships chase us through the Badlands, and our supporters are harassed and ridiculed. Because we've left the Federation, and that's the one thing you can't accept. You didn't want to be phasered because you need a body. Quark: What makes you think she wants to spend eternity there [in Sto-Vo-Kor]? We finally drive the Cardassians out, and what do our new leaders do? You want to watch the Karo-Net tournament, she wants to listen to music, so you compromise: you listen to music. You have no reason to believe I wouldn't kill Ibudan if it suited my fancy, so don't tell me there isn't some doubt inside of you, some question about whether or not I murdered the man. Quark: They have weapons, you have weapons, everyone has weapons. Your attempt to escape is no doubt a final act of cowardice. Julian Bashir: A simple wide-spectrum anti-viral agent should cure Mrs. When I reactivated the Ravinok's computer, I downloaded the manifest. The knife was too savage, the nerve gas smelled bad, hanging took too long, and poison..was was wrong with poison? A guilty conscience is a small price to pay for the safety of the Alpha Quadrant, so I will learn to live with it... Exploring darker themes than its predecessors, 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' presents a Federation with a sinister side, developed interpersonal conflicts and a heavy focus on war.Commanded by Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks), Deep Space Nine sits at the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole, making the space station a hub for trade, political maneuvering and conflict.It is quite simply, Commander, the journey you have always been destined to take. Marritza, who was good for nothing but cowering under his bunk and weeping like a woman! These people know that we are neither the enemy nor the devil. Quark: [sighs] Then I'll make it so simple that even a Vulcan can understand: the Central Command has been caught red-handed smuggling weapons to their settlers. Miles O'Brien: You don't know me very well, Constable, but I've been in service to the Federation, Starfleet, all my adult life. No one in my entire life has ever had cause to ask, Miles O'Brien, are you a criminal? I'm no angel, but I try to live every day as the best human being I know how to be. Humans used to be a lot worse than Ferengi: slavery, concentration camps, interstellar war. Well, if that's what you want, then that's what you'll get, an execution. but if you can stand here and murder this pathetic little man, then you have no honor. Because either way, we're the ones who have to live with the consequences. I also know that every fiber of your being is telling you to say "No, No, No," but somewhere I know there's a "Yes." You need to listen to that "Yes," not for my sake, not for Cardassia's, not even for Bajor's, but for your sake. You're only sending them replicators so that one day they can take their rightful place on the Federation Council. At least they tell you about their plans for assimilation. Julian Bashir: These people believed in me, and look where it got them. The Dominion made sure of that, and I was so arrogant, I thought I could find one in a week! Kira Nerys: The provisional government and I don’t agree on a lot of things which is probably why they sent me to this god-forsaken place. Who would, every night, cover his ears, because he couldn't bear to hear the screaming for mercy of the Bajorans…Aamin Marritza: I covered my ears every night. So every ship that approaches the de-militarized zone will be searched. Kovat: Ah, Mister O'Brien, if it seems immodest of me, I apologize, but the role of Public Conservator is key to the productive functioning of our courts. But it's also good for the populace to see people like you confess. I took an oath to defend the Federation and what it stands for. I need my little girl to wake up in the morning and look up at me and see a man she can respect. We have nothing in our past that approaches that kind of barbarism. (takes the Bat'leth from him and tosses it to the ground) You have no place in this hall. There're certain ministers in the Bajoran government who are concerned about your presence on the station; in fact, they want you removed. All you can do now is contemplate the depth of your disgrace... Julian Bashir: Well, that may be, but according to my tests, you show all the symptoms. Lenara Kahn: That's the tricky part though, isn't it? When I'm not with you, when you're not around, it's like part of me is missing. Benjamin Sisko: Part of being a captain is knowing when to smile. Even when it's the last thing in the world you want to do. Why is the Federation so obsessed about the Maquis? And yet we're constantly arrested and charged with terrorism. Elim Garak: We're running out of options here Quark. Julian Bashir: Uh, look, um, I don't want to dampen your spirits, Jadzia, but I told you before you were married that, from a medical point-of-view, it wouldn't be easy for a Trill and a Klingon to have achild.


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