Thank You Letter After Unsuccessful Application

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"First, it is a basic appreciation of the time the interviewer spent with you," said Jodi RR Smith, author and etiquette consultant at Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting.

"First, it is a basic appreciation of the time the interviewer spent with you," said Jodi RR Smith, author and etiquette consultant at Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting.

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I especially loved hearing about your in-office MVP vote – it sounds like a great way to boost employee morale!

After our conversation, I am confident that my skills in business writing and experience as a copy editor are a great match for this opportunity.

This not only showed me he was a good listener but also that he was willing to go above and beyond by doing research.

It left me with a pretty good taste in my mouth (pun intended)." Amanda Augustine, career advice expert for Top Interview and Top Resume, said that email is the most common method for sending a post-interview thank-you note "because of its immediacy and ability to attach materials or hyperlink to additional information that can help advance their candidacy to the next interview round." Augustine suggested that it is still important to check out the culture of the company and figure out which method they would prefer.

"While not every recruiter or hiring manager cares whether a candidate sends a thank-you message, I've never heard of a single one, in any industry, think poorly of a candidate for sending a thank-you note," she added.

Based on these tips, here are two templates you can follow for a thank-you letter after the interview: It was a pleasure meeting with you, and I truly enjoyed learning more about the role and the company.

According to a study by i CIMS, 63% of recruiters said they would be more likely to hire a candidate who asked for more money and sent a thank-you note than a candidate who asked for less but did not send a note.

Additionally, failure to follow up could leave the impression you're not interested enough to go the extra mile and reach out afterward.

Based on our discussion, it sounds like you have a very exciting year ahead with the site updates and customer base expansion.

Take the time to personalize every letter you send – avoid copying and pasting the same basic form letter.


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