Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Essay

With the stroke of his presidential pen, Roosevelt created Pelican Island Bird Reservation.

This was the first, but not by far the last, time Roosevelt would use such power.

If young Roosevelt's collection methods seemed bloody and cruel, he merely followed the accepted practices of the leading naturalists of the time.

Killing was the only way to make extremely accurate observations about the physical characteristics of unfamiliar animals.

In Vienna, where the family traveled after leaving Egypt, Roosevelt turned his hotel room into a virtual zoological laboratory, much to the dismay of the cousin who shared his lodgings.

At Harvard, where he studied natural history, Roosevelt similarly outfitted his off-campus apartment and continued collecting.

Fortunately, forward-thinking sportsmen began to organize for the conservation of game and game habitat.

Theodore Roosevelt, an avid hunter, joined the fight.

The following year, having obtained spectacles to correct his vision and a shotgun to aid in capturing specimens, Theodore traveled with his family to Egypt and Syria, where he collected numerous birds.

By then a skilled taxidermist, he skinned and mounted the birds himself.


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