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The executive summary is a condensed version of your business plan document.The Small Business Administration says on its website that the “most important section” of a business plan is the executive summary.

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Don’t go into many details but make sure that even a brief explanation is included.

It’s important to write about your managers, of course. Don’t forget that your goal is to highlight their skills and professionalism – and to do this quickly and briefly at the same time.

Write about the team leader, making sure that their background, vision, and credentials are described in details.

If possible, explain how exactly did they choose this specific management team.

This also means that in order to create a proper business plan you shouldn’t focus on the planning process only.

You should also remember to mention and describe all the important details that will matter for potential investors – for example, a management summary.Try to define your company’s “wow factor”--the one aspect of your venture that makes it stand out from all others the investors may be considering. Start with the basics--the name of your company, location, what industry you operate in, what products or services you offer and what stage of development your company has reached.Follow this with a succinct one- or two-sentence statement of why your target customers have a compelling need--right now--for your products or services. The investor needs to know how your company will generate revenues.List the total capital you need, and what the capital will help you accomplish.If you intend to have the capital come into the company in stages, disclose when each stage will be and how much each amount will be. Include a table that shows key categories, such as revenues, cost of goods sold, operating costs and pretax profit for the three-year to five-year time period the business plan covers.It supports all the data provided in other sections of your business plan and can influence the investors’ decision a lot.For better understanding, you can check the examples of management summaries included in a bakery business plan and in a coffee shop business plan.The investors won’t have much time to read the detailed descriptions, therefore you should focus on the following things: Assuming you have them, include them in this section along with the reasons why there were included in the first place.Your company’s staff isn’t always limited to people who work for you. Sure, describing your employees’ primary roles in your company is important.Introduce the founder and no more than one or two other individuals.Pick the most impressive accomplishment each has made in her business career and highlight that.


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