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Have you resolved to start writing a novel this year?

Have you resolved to start writing a novel this year?

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Each way of working should help you with the other. Work out your structure Once you’re making some headway with your story and you’re getting words down on the page, take some time to think about the structural features of your novel. – and will you divide it up into short chapters or just a few long sections corresponding to years in which the action happens?

Will you have a first-person narrator who’s looking back on the events of your story – or is the story unfolding in the present? Making key decisions about structure and the means of telling your story can help you get off on a sure footing. Give yourself some targets to aim for This isn’t for everyone, but lots of us like to have deadlines and goals.

You can also use visual prompts, like a striking photo you’ve seen in the newspaper to write a short story.

Here are some prompts you might like to try: What kind of writer are you?

Explore your ideas Write down everything you know about what you want your novel to be.

Jot down little half-formed thoughts and ideas and see where they take you.Or are you feeling the creative urge but struggling to make it take shape as a coherent story?Writing a novel is a daunting prospect, so here are some tips from Curtis Brown Creative director and tutor of our Starting to Write Your Novel Course Anna Davis on how to get started… Set aside proper, regular time to write If you’re serious about doing this, show yourself and your writing some respect, figure out some regular time to do it, and then stick to that.When you start writing a novel, you will inevitably fall into one of two categories.Read Anna’s theory and tips to help you get going here ›› 4.It’s through these meandering jottings that ideas will take shape. Ask yourself ‘what if’ questions When you feel you’ve come up with a character who intrigues you, or a striking opening scenario or the vague shape of a story, interrogate your ideas with ‘what if’ questions.For instance: There’s a woman sitting alone in a restaurant looking sad – what if a man comes up to her and asks if he can join her at her table?It’s hard to hold your novel in your head, so that you can get down to work quickly and easily – if you leave long gaps between writing sessions and work erratically, you’ll be giving yourself a big uphill struggle and you’re much more likely to give up.What ‘regular writing time’ actually IS varies from person to person.You might like to put together character fact files, create character ‘mood boards’ full of images which relate to them; throw your main characters into difficult difficult situations to see how they’ll react; write some dialogue so you can feel their voices shaping up … Characters in a novel need to be so much more than chess pieces to be moved about the board according to your strategy. Alternate between plotting and writing While you’re in the early pages of your novel, I’d advise you do a combination of working out the plot of your story writing.Figuring out your plot will help to give focus and purpose to your writing – but conversely, feeling your way into the writing itself will help you to understand your story in a different and more visceral way.


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