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It is good or bad in so far as it is directly imitative of work of the fourteenth or fifteenth century.The art had reached to a surprising degree of beauty and perfection in the fifteenth century, and although under the influence of the Renaissance some good work was done, it rapidly declined only to lift its head once more with the revived study of the architecture of the Middle Ages.

A coloured glass window is in the nature of a mosaic.

Not only are no large pieces of glass used, but each piece is separated from [101/102] and at the same time joined to its neighbouring glass by a grooved strip of lead which holds the two.

" is obtained by a mixture of metallic oxides whilst in a state of fusion.

This colouring pervades the substance of the glass and becomes incorporated with it." (1) It is termed "pot-metal." An examination of such a piece of glass will show it to be full of varieties of a given colour, uneven in thickness, full of little air-bubbles and other accidents which cause the rays of light to play in and through it with endless variety of effect.

The object of these people has been, ignoring the condition under which they must necessarily work, to produce an ordinary picture in enamelled colours upon sheets of glass.

The result has been the production of mere transparencies no better than painted blinds.

It is the exact opposite to the clear sheet of ordinary window-glass.

To build up a decorative work (and such a form of expression may be found very appropriate in this craft) in coloured [102/103] glass, the pieces must be carefully selected, the gradations of tint in a given piece being made use of to gain the result aimed at.

A prime example of pathological lying occurred at The New Republic, a liberal minded political magazine, where journalist Stephen Glass fabricated all, or parts of, at least 27 of his 41 stories ("Lies" 2).

Stephen Glass, once a young, promising magazine writer wrote freelance articles for esteemed publications such as GQ, Rolling Stone, Harper’s and George (Kurtz 1).


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