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Companies invest a lot of money to sponsor teams and this creates an extra pressure on the players. Compensation is money that someone who has experienced loss or suffering claims from the person or organization responsible, or from the state.

Even though it is true that they have been naturally gifted however they still need to train hard every day to perform their best and help the sponsors to boost their brand value hence increasing the selling. Some people think is fully justified while others think it is unfair. It is irrefutable fact that games are the symbol of prosperity and wealth of a nation.

Nowadays athletes are paid with higher wages as compared to other weighty professions. Prior to opine, it is necessary to discuss the importance of sports as well as other career options.

Moreover, they have a big responsibility as are requested to perform their best in every single game.

It is their job to strive until see their team win, there are millions of dollars involved in each game.

Moreover, these sports usually attract the world’s attention that could force leaders to stop their disputes and review options to make partnerships with the opponents.

Secondly, dangerous sports can bring people with different background together.

Violent crime amongst youngsters by Denis Some people think that dangerous sports should be banned, while others disagree. From the evidence of the history, dangerous sports have been more preferred by people than other competitions.

Despite this fact, some people hold the opinion that these deadly sports should be banned as they may hurt athlete’s health and even ruin their lives.

By doing this state authorities are giving false impressions and somehow encouraging biasness.

In future these issue can sparkle numerous debates and adversely affect to economy of a country.


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