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Each story has pictures that allow children of all reading abilities to practice and retell the story independently.Older children also benefit from specifically targeting the SH sound while reading a book of their choice aloud.

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Teaching the “SH” sound may seem a little daunting at first, but I think you will find that with these tips and suggestions it isn’t so bad.

In fact, our little ones that struggle with the SH sound in words may have no difficulty at all saying the sound in isolation (all by itself).

Shaping is when you use a sound the child can already say accurately to teach a sound they are not able to say.

Phonetic placement A few simple steps to teach the child where to place his/her tongue, jaw, lips and teeth for a good SH sound include: Provided your child has the oral motor capabilities and cognitive ability to follow these instructions this should produce a nice SH sound.

You can implement some home techniques to help your child develop the skills needed to pronounce this sound correctly.

Instruct your child to gently press his teeth together and try to make the “S” sound.

Shaping If your child can produce a good /s/ sound or a good “ee” sound we can shape/teach the SH sound starting from one of these sounds.

SH from /s/ Moving the SH Sound into Words, Syllables, Sentences and Conversation Now that your child can say the SH sound follow the steps from the post on the Process of Articulation for moving that sound from isolation (saying the sound all by itself), to syllables, to words, to sentences and finally conversation.

If your child struggles with producing the SH sound clearly don’t worry, we can teach them.

Sound Elicitation There are a few different ways of teaching the SH sound.


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