South Africa My Land Essay

South Africa My Land Essay-55
Even if we are allowed access, the mine will pollute the sea, it will never be the same.”I am a farmer and I have lived off this land all my life.If we are moved away I will have to start again in a new community.We have always used firewood for cooking, it is how we live. The surrounding environment will be gone along with the farming.

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The seawater is sacred to us, it helps us to stay healthy and to sleep well.

This is our culture and we don’t want the mine to come and take it away.”This land has lots of different natural medicine.

The mineral-rich sand of the Wild Coast is seen as an opportunity for international mining companies to profit, with only the resistance of local residents standing in their way.

They stand to lose everything; should mining proceed it will displace hundreds of people from their ancestral land, cut off their access to the sea, pollute surrounding villages, grazing lands and water sources, and destroy grassland, estuarine and marine ecosystems.

I will have to move away from the land of my ancestors who are buried here.

South Africa My Land Essay

I don’t want the mine to come and take away my land and my history.”We get our food from the sea, it is how we live and how I feed my family.They will not be from the same church as me and may not understand my religion.This will cause me lots of problems.”I have pigs, cows and goats that I farm on this land. I will never allow the mining to come and change the way I live. It is for the Pondo people.”When the mining happens this forest won’t be healthy any more.They are requesting that the court rules that no licence to mine the area can be granted without the community’s consent.I was born and grew up here, I have nowhere else to live.The application is likely to resume when the moratorium expires.On 23 April 2018 the Amadiba Crisis Committee is taking the Department of Mineral Resources to court.We come here to think and to collect water for our health.We need free access to the sea, it is our right as a community.Despite claims that they have divested from the Xolobeni Mining Project, MRC’s 2017 annual report indicates that the company continues to hold 56% shares in the project through its South African subsidiary Transworld Energy and Mineral Resources(TEM).TEM’s application for a mining licence has only been halted because of an 18-month ministerial moratorium, imposed following the assassination of Bazooka Radebe.


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