Solving Percent Problems Using Equations

Solving Percent Problems Using Equations-10
Learn how to calculate percentage from this lesson. Here, let us understand the concepts of percentage through a few examples in a much better way. The actual interpretation of percentages can be understood by the following way: The same quantity can be represented in terms of percentage occupied, which is given as: Total quantity present = 5 kg Ratio of apples (in terms of total quantity) = % Thus fraction can be converted to percentage simply by multiplying the given fraction by 100. Then, plot those decimals on a number line and compare them! Looking for some practice converting percents to fractions? Follow along as this tutorial shows you how to convert a percent to a fraction.

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The solution is x = 0.3125 Step 2: Multiply 0.3125 by 100% to get the answer: 0.3125 * 100% = 31.25 % Type 3: The number 32 is 8% of what number?In mathematics, a percentage is a number or ratio that can be expressed as a fraction of 100, which means, a part per hundred. It is to be noted that, percentages have no dimension, hence are dimensionless numbers. For each white chocolate bar, the ratio of the number of dark chocolate boxes to the total number of white chocolate bars can be represented as a fraction. Two quantities are generally expressed on the basis of their ratios. As usual, this problem requires to steps: Step 1: Write 8% as a decimal number: 8% = 0.08 Step 2: Divide 32 and 0.08: 32 ÷ 0.08 = 400 Type 4: percentage increase: What is the percentage increase from 20 to 90?In this type of problem we use formula $$ \text = \frac \cdot 100 \% $$ Using our numbers we have: $$ \text = \frac \cdot 100 \% = \frac \cdot 100 \% = 350 \% $$ Type 4: percentage decrease: What is the percentage decrease from 160 to 40?The calculator will generate a step-by-step explanation for each type of percentage problem.This calculator solves four types of percentage problems. This can be solved in two stps: Step 1: Write 15% as a decimal number: 15% = 0.15 Step 2: Multiply 0.15 and 20 to get the answer: 0.15 * 20 = 3 Type 2: The number 25 is what percentage of 80?Thus, we can rewrite the statement above: The statement: "The part is some percent of the whole.", becomes the equation: the part = some percent x the whole Since a percent is a ratio whose second term is 100, we can use this fact to rewrite the equation above as follows: the part = some percent x the whole becomes: the part = x the whole Dividing both sides by "the whole" we get the following proportion: Since percent statements always involve three numbers, given any two of these numbers, we can find the third using the proportion above. Problem 1: If 8 out of 20 students in a class are boys, what percent of the class is made up of boys?Analysis: In this problem, you are being asked 8 is what percent of 20?In previous lessons, you were shown how to convert a decimal to a percent and a percent to a decimal.Thus, if you were asked to Find 15% of 120, you would multiply .15 by 120, to get an answer of 18.


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