Solving Environmental Problems

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In 1987 scientists managed to prove that the problem was caused by mankind.

The ozone layer was breaking down because of emissions of the so-called CFC gasses that used to be essential for the production of refrigerators and deodorants.

Nigeria is a big country with beautiful nature, small and large rivers and picturesque forests inhabited by animals and birds.

It is like a coin with two sides: one side is its exquisite environment, the other one – industrial Nigeria.

But the IPCC points out that we still have the option to keep temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius.

This will still have big consequences for nature and humanity, but the damage will be less than if we don’t do anything.Thus, it is up to people to do everything possible to reduce its harmful influence and improve the state of the environment.Nine in ten Danes are worried about climate change, and one in five do not believe that humanity can do much about it.Nigeria is one of the most populous nations constantly faces different issues like overpopulation, migration, improvement of medical care as well as problems connected with environmental pollution.As you can see, problems in Nigeria and solutions should have the highest priority for governors.Current environmental issues in Nigeria are closely connected with the population growth.Like any other country, it uses resources to provide residents with good living conditions.If the ozone were to disappear completely, it would be disastrous, since this thin layer of gas serves as a natural shield against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.The ozone layer became so thin in an area over the South Pole that it became known as the ‘ozone hole’, and the size of this area kept growing.Read to find out the best solutions to save nature!Every day you can see thousands of people buying food, clothes, items of furniture or goods to make their life better.


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