Solar Oven Research Papers

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Drawings and instruction documents are in PDF format. For further information on solar cookers, please refer to the links below. Solar Cookers International (SCI) is a non-governmental organization which has become an international institute on solar cooking since its founding in 1988.

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On a sunny, warm day, your oven could reach about 200 degrees F.

You will notice that food takes longer to cook in a solar oven than a regular one.

You want to transfer the sun’s heat to your solar over.

Reflection is the throwing back of light, heat or sound by a body or surface, like a mirror.

Several scientific phenomena are involved in making your oven the best heater it can be.

Heat is the form of energy (sometimes called thermal energy) that is transferred by a difference in temperature.

The Florida Solar Energy Center conducted a research project on low-cost panel type solar ovens for the Dorothy Ann Foundation on behalf of Solar Household Energy, Inc.

The overall purpose of the research project was to attempt to improve the performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness of low-cost solar cookers for use in developing nations.

Let’s recap: You covered the flap with foil so that the foil would reflect sunlight into the oven.

The black paper on the bottom of your oven absorbed the sun’s energy (white paper would have reflected a lot of that energy).


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