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Course Outline Module 1: Introducing Counselling Skills Module 2: Personal Development Module 3: Taking Care of Yourself Module 4: Maintaining Good Practice Module 5: Being a Listening Helper Module 6: Qualities, Skills, and Knowledge for Listening Module 7: Recognising Your Own Barriers to Listening Module 8: Establishing a Helping Relationship Module 9: Counselling Practice 1: Beginning the Discussion Module 10: Counselling Practice 2: Deepening Understanding Module 11: Counselling Practise 3: Working with Action and Endings Module 12: Being Prepared for Common Personal Problems Module 13: Understanding People from a Social Perspective Module 14: Understanding Individuals from a Psychological Perspective Module 15: Coping with Different Types of Helping Conversations Module 16: Dealing with Difficulties Module 17: Key Counselling Skills Career Prospects ...[-] Many people find satisfaction in being a part of an individual’s growth.Completing an online course in social work may help students improve their reading, writing, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Just enter the field prepared by completing a teacher’s aide course from ICI and you will surely find success and stability in this career.

Course Outline Educational psychology Office practices Classroom delivery Skills Course writing and development Careers Counselling Counselling and psychology Career Prospects A teacher's aide, also referred to as teacher assistant or integration aide, render support to preschool, elementary, and high school teachers.

Life Coach partners with their client to assess the client’s goals, where they are at, where they want to go, and then assist to bridge that gap.

Therefore, Life Coaches have very distinctive character traits.

This career choice is very exciting, too, as it offers tons of opportunities to establish new relationships and at the same time benefit from its flexibility and earning potentials.

Course Outline Introduction to life coaching Individual perception Lifestyle organization The coaching processes Coaching skills Coaching delivery Coaching and psychology Meeting coaching objectives Objectives and planning Review and adjustment Career Prospects ...They are empathic, patient and compassionate, they also exhibit strong leadership, organizational and communication skills....[-] ICI’s counselling and psychology course allow you to achieve a very rewarding career in a rapidly growing profession.An online course is a class that is taught online and can be completed in a fairly short amount of time, typically a year or less.Many students pursue online courses in order to gain a greater scope of experience that may help them qualify for career advancement or better professional opportunities. This academic program provides students with the education and experience needed to support members of their community who may be struggling with addiction, family issues, elder care, discrimination, abuse, or other social problems.As a teacher’s aide, you can experience this while enjoying an exciting and fun-filled career.Although this profession does come with challenges, becoming a teacher’s aide can be very fulfilling.Further, it will equip you for the next stage in your learning in advanced counselling skills or on the road to becoming your own CBT therapist.This course covers the following topics: What is CBT, who uses it and what can it be used for How to apply CBT as self-help therapy The principles of CBT and the CBT triangle Recognising and identifying emotions, feelings and behaviours ...[-] This course will help you either set up your own life coaching business, or it can be used as a personal self-development tool.This course covers all aspects of life coaching and so makes it the perfect choice for those people wishing to train as a life coach, as well as those people wishing to set up their own life coaching practice.


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