Social Issues For Research Paper

Therefore, the book passes for a well-organized composition with themes aiming to bring sanity in the society through exposure of human flaws and some deviations from the norms of the society by some members.

Therefore, the goal of the authors of these two books is to highlight the social and political issues that the society goes through day-by-day.

Candide suffers from hunger and cold due to lack of shelter; he further faces seemingly insurmountable hurdles to enter in the Bulgarian army.

After his admission, the sufferings he meets forces him to try to escape; unfortunately, people finds out his plans and punishes him severely.

The author therefore advocates for a society that will embrace freethinking as well as scientific reasoning; he believes in the presence and the existence of God though not in tandem with the way the clergy behave in leading their folks.

The level of pretence is widely witnessed in the larger Europe; therefore, this masterpiece is calling for change of the way the clergy executes their duties if not how they lead their lives.The servants or subjects have to laugh to every story that he tells as the old adage goes, ‘a rich man’s joke is always funny.’ This picture reflects the current political scenario.In social circles, Moliere’s gives more attention to the religious and the hypocrisy issues pertinent in the society.However, he manages to escape during the confusion brought about by the war.After his escape, he again meets other friends who contribute much towards making his life difficult and unbearable.His castle has great walls, windows and gates manned by several dogs, which provide security coupled with grooms who act as his huntsmen (Hogan, and Molin 305).He commands some authority following the way people refer to him with titles like ‘My lord’.Voltaire manages to bring out the societal norms in a humorous way.The story is set in Westphalia and the author uses Candide to develop the plot of his entire story explaining how people generally encounter different hurdles in life.Zoos are nothing more than prisons where every sentence is a life sentence.As a child we all must have dreamt about visiting a zoo.


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