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Children especially loved him, for he would play with them, make them toys, and tell them stories.No one had a cross word for Ripexcept his wife, who, taking advantage of his meekness, regularly nagged him.

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There is a sudden realization that pursuit of Katrina derails Crane’s achievement of the American dream, and though Crane becomes afraid and runs away rather than confront problems this creates opportunities.

There are suggestions that Crane is a better person in New York later on after leaving Sleepy Hollow, and this was possible after realization that the vision based solely on dreams was unattainable.

Crane is dreaming and neglecting the need for initiative, Crane then backs off from pursuing Katrina as he is afraid that Brom already won her heart.

The American dream is best exemplified by those who take initiatives and actions, rather than simply dream that their desires will come true.

Rip would shrug and go outside, out of range of her scolding tongue.

She treated his dog, Wolf, the same way, and Wolf began to resemble Rip in submissiveness.

Fences would collapse, a cow would run off, and rain would fall at the very moment he decided to work.

The only plants that thrived on his farm were weeds.

The area is characterized by supernatural beliefs in ghosts.

Ichabod Crane the protagonist of the story moves to the small town from Connecticut, and while trying to pursue a rich farmer’s daughter he is chased by a mysterious headless horseman.


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