Skype Technology Essay

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· Students will differentiate assignments to fit their personal learning style.

They will no longer be assigned a project like "write a book report using MS Word" or "create a slideshow in Power Point/Slideshare." In the future, students will receive the “book report” assignment and make their own determination how best to communicate their thoughts, be it audio, visual, written, musical, video, artistically.

If students miss a class, they go to the online class to catch up.

It will be their responsibility to watch the class and contact the teacher for help if needed. If students and/or teachers can't get to school, they participate through the real-time interactive GHO-type environment.

· Students will complete their classwork knowing it will be shared with classmates and other interested teachers.

Ways to make this publishing and sharing possible include blogs, wikis, Google Apps for Education.

The future may have arrived in the form of Google Classroom. · Class will be fully connected to social media, including a Twitter stream (to be used for backchannel communications, announcements, collaboration among students), a Google Plus account (to facilitate student group get-togethers, collaboration on projects, sharing of notes and knowledge, and files), and a Facebook account (to encourage bonding within the class).

· All students will be able to share their screens with others.

What's important is that it is portable, sturdy, fits in a backpack, and is digitally secure. Losing one would be worse than losing a backpack -- much worse · Students will actively participate via a backchannel device (i.e., Today’s Meet, Socrative, Padlet, Twitter, a Google Apps adaptation).

The stream of student comments, thoughts, questions and ideas will appear on the class Smartscreen for the benefit of all.


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