Single Phase Pwm Rectifier Thesis

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The result shows the legitimacy of this model having UPF, constant DC output voltage and about 1% THD of input AC current.

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Current harmonics, which are injected in the utility by non-linear loads, cause major problems that tend to deteriorate the power quality at mains.Open loop and close loop simulation of proposed strategy is being carried out using MATLAB/SIMULINK.Simulation of three-phase active front-end rectifier is verified under different loads and simulation results presented.Moreover, nonlinear loads and non-sinusoidal currents produce non-sinusoidal voltage drops across the network impedances, so that a non-sinusoidal voltage appears at several points of the mains.Restrictions on current and voltage harmonics maintained in many countries through IEEE 519-1992 in the USA and IEC 61000-3-2/IEC 61000-3-4 in Europe standards, are associated with the popular idea of clean power. These techniques based on passive components, mixing single and three-phase diode rectifiers, and power electronics techniques as: multipulse rectifiers, active filters and PWM rectifiers Figure 1.They can be generally divided as: A) Harmonic reduction of already installed non-linear load; B) Harmonic reduction through linear power electronics load installation Figure 1.1 Most Popular Three-Phase Harmonic Reduction Techniques of Current.Power electronics equipments become more widely used.The most widely used PWM schemes are carrier-based sinusoidal PWM (SPWM) and space vector PWM (SVPWM).There is an increasing trend of using SVPWM because of their easier digital realisation and better dc bus utilization. Using the instantaneous reactive power theory, the mathematical models in three-phase static and two-phase rotary coordinate system are built.Specific written permission must be obtained from the Editor for such copying.Direct linking to files hosted on this website is strictly prohibited.


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