Should Children Have Homework

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These high school students are dealing with increasingly high levels of homework—spending almost twice the amount of time on homework than is recommended.Reports have shown that doing more than 120 minutes of homework a night can result in stress, physical health problems, general lack of balance, and feelings of alienation.

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However, homework can also reduce the amount of free time students have.

This can cut into time students have for hobbies, sports teams, bonding with family, and visiting friends.

However, students are already in school for most of their day.

Should they dedicate a large portion of hometime to schooling too?

But there seems to be more substantive arguments against homework for kids under the age of 14 than there are for it.

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Here's a scenario: As a typical parent-teacher meeting concludes, the Grade 5 teacher thanks parents for attending and asks for any questions about how the class will operate during the year.

Indeed, “there is no evidence that any amount of homework improves the academic performance of primary school students”, according to Professor Harris Cooper, one of the most respected homework researchers in the world.

Cooper indicates that while he is personally pro-homework, there appears to be no academic advantage for children to do homework.

Homework teaches students valuable study skills that they will use long after they finish school.

It helps students discover what studying strategies work best for them, how to concentrate, and which subjects they enjoy spending time learning about.


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