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Othello is more complicated than that, other factors are involved in the tragedy.

Both Iago and Othello's own character can be held responsible for the tragic ruin of Othello.

It could be argued that Shakespeare agreed with these sentiments, Othello and Desdemona both die for example.

However other characters claim to be in control of their own lives and dismiss the idea of destiny.

Iago actively determines the course his life takes by plotting and scheming.

Iago plots the downfall of Othello, he consciously knows what he is doing.Othello is a typical tragedy in which the noble, honourable and virtuous Moor suffers a social downfall.It is typical of tragic characters to suffer because it is their fate, their pre determined destiny.hen kiss me hard (lines 463-466, Act III, scene iii) He arises Othello s anger and jealousy through this cynical explanation.Iago is able to take away the invisible barrier before Othello s self-control and is able to manipulate Othello easily through taping into his irrational reasoning.Othello absorbs the words of Iago entirely and this causes Othello to no longer trust Desdamona.He thinks of her as the opposite of who she really is.Iago conspires to have Othello turn against his comrade, Cassio, and try to kill him for his misdeeds against Desdamona.Iago arises Othello s feelings and emotions towards Desdamona by feeding on Othello s great pride in Desdamona s devotion to Othello.Iago plays with Othello s reasoning to make Othello believe in false assumptions about Cassio s character to further rouse emotions.In the villainous plan to bring about Othello s downfall, Iago uses reverse psychology and flattery.


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