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I also work mainly with students from a low socioeconomic background; my background was quite different.I will discuss how all of these elements, along with scholarly texts, have impacted my educational philosophy.

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This announcement stunned Wall Street analysts, but with the overall decrease in similar company profit growth worldwide, as reported by Author (Year) in his article detailing the company’s history, the company’s announcement aligns with industry trends and future industry predictions.

Notice how this paragraph is comprised of just two sentences.

While each clause does provide relevant information, the reader may have difficulty identifying the subject and purpose of the whole paragraph.

In 2010, the company’s yearly profit growth decreased from the previous year by 2%. The profit growth had steadily increased by more than 7% since 1989.

Because my project will rely on articles that note symptom improvement, Author’s work is not applicable.

Notice how the writer relies solely on complex sentences in this paragraph, even placing dependent clauses at the beginning of each sentence.

This repetition of personal pronouns is most common when writing a Personal Development Plan (PDP) or other personal papers.

To avoid this type of repetition, try adjusting the placement of prepositional phrases or dependent clauses so the subject does not open each sentence: My philosophy of education is derived from my personal experiences.

It also supports future predictions for the industry (Author, Year).

Notice how this paragraph uses the same information as the previous one but breaks it into seven sentences.


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