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Since the pieces are too large to carry back and forth to her residence hall room, high school visual arts senior Corinne Gregson has set up her studio in a corner of one of the large visual art studios in Workplace building.

Since the pieces are too large to carry back and forth to her residence hall room, high school visual arts senior Corinne Gregson has set up her studio in a corner of one of the large visual art studios in Workplace building.

“Those are definitely some of my favorite moments.” Not everything is easy, she cautions.

“There is always the struggle of problem solving when something doesn’t look right,” says Gregson.

Intensive Arts is a time following academic exams when high school students focus solely on doing their art for two weeks.

“I hadn’t considered doing oil because I hadn’t worked with it before and I had to work with it a bit before I decided I really liked it,” Gregson says.

“Something I found that conflicted with me about the (Baroque) paintings was that the main focus was on the people and figures,” she says.

“The saints and figures were nothing that I placed importance on in my own faith and religion.She has a very experimental approach and works incredibly hard.” Gregson doesn’t have a favorite piece in her exhibit, but rather she likes the unplanned moments in the pieces.“I keep a lot of those moments later on and don’t cover them up,” she says.“Part of the reason why I work large-scale is to create these vast spaces,” Gregson says.“My hope is that you walk up to the piece and there is this immersion.” During the last week in April each year, high school visual arts seniors display their work. Corinne Gregson lives for the moment – a place in her canvas where stroke and color are just right.Gregson became more interested in abstraction as she studied Art History, a requirement for high school Visual Art students at UNCSA.Growing up Methodist, she was drawn to Baroque-style paintings because of their religious subjects.My work is more about the significance of the stories and what happened at these places.” Her pieces are about Biblical spaces: the Sea of Galilee, the Road to Damascus and a diptych (a two-canvas painting) about the empty tomb.Following graduation, Gregson will be attending the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, where she plans to study not only art, but humanities and religion.“I’m working on all of these pieces at the same time, but moments that happen at the beginning of the process will still be visible in the final product.It’s interesting to have moments where there are probably hundreds and hundreds of layers and then a moment that may be only one layer.” Gregson is from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, which is about 15 minutes from the state capital of Raleigh.


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