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Instead, “Surround yourself with people who accept you and believe in you,” she said.5. Past regrets can prevent us from practicing self-acceptance. “Whether it’s about something you’ve done or a personality quirk that resulted in a social faux pas, it’s important to learn from the mistake, make efforts to grow, and accept that you can’t change the past,” Howes said.

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Look at it as a skill that you can practice versus an innate trait that you either have or don’t.

Below, clinicians reveal 12 ways we can cultivate self-acceptance.1. “Self-acceptance begins with intention,” according to psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber, MA.

Start with something basic like “I’m a kind person,” said Duffy, also author of .

“Typically, lists evolve as the script loses its strength, and people recognize they are intelligent, and creative, and powerful, and articulate, and so on.

“It is vital that we set an intention for ourselves that we are willing to shift paradigms from a world of blame, doubt and shame to a world of allowance, tolerance, acceptance and trust,” he said.

This intention acknowledges that self-loathing simply doesn’t lead to a satisfying life. “[Many people] fail to see their strengths and cling to antique scripts they carry about their lack of worth,” he said.

Whatever your dreams or goals, mourn that they didn’t come to pass, he said. Perform charitable acts.“When you sacrificially give to others, you see how your deeds are a positive influence on other lives.

It becomes more and more difficult to maintain the idea that you are no good when you see how your deeds help other people,” Howes said.9. Marter described acceptance as letting go of the past and the things we cannot control.


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