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If you're hoping to offer dirt-cheap secondhand prices, your audience might consist of broke college students or low-income families.Identifying your shoppers will help you personalize your marketing strategy and create a strong relationship with your customers.

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Over the past few years, more and more companies have decided to enter second hand clothes wholesale markets.

This is because used items, clothing or otherwise, sell remarkably well, even in a recession.

The method in which we sell our clothing wholesale ensures that businesses, both large and small, are able to purchase products at highly competitive prices.

This means that you will be able to sell your inventory for not a whole lot of money, and that means you will really be able to boost the amount of profit that you are able to make on those clothes.

These gems will warrant the highest markups, and they'll still sell, so they'll become the heart of your business.

Before opening your doors, make and complete a checklist of to-dos.

Do market research to stay on top of current fashion and advertising trends to help stock inventory that will sell effectively, so you can keep a good rotation pace. If you have specific clothing categories in mind – maternity and children's clothes, for example, or specific brands you hope to sell – plan to collect inventory accordingly.

When you're first getting your store off the ground, you'll need a large supply, so take what you can get while keeping the quality as up to snuff as possible.

Secondhand store owners tend to source their inventory from auctions, consignments and donations.

Keep an eye out for high-quality items from well-trusted, popular brands.


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