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"all you have to do," he said, "is take the locks out and bring them down here.

"all you have to do," he said, "is take the locks out and bring them down here.just remove the 3 little screws and pull the locks out." the side door wasn't difficult.

they are different locks." then he took out both locks rearranged the parts the way they should be put the locks back in and both of them worked just fine. I thought that was very reasonable and handed him a twenty. " "yes, so I can take it off my income tax." he offered to drive me down to the corner market and I'd get change and we got into his truck and drove down to the market and I went in and got two bottles of wine and change for one of my twenties. so we drove back up the hill and I missed the running board getting out but managed not to fall as he drove off.

I came out and handed him his $15 and told him to forget the receipt. I walked up the drive with my two bottles of wine stuck the key into the door and it opened.

there was some trouble pushing the screws in against the wood and getting them started but then it was done but it wasn't right: the latch was locked against the handle and it wouldn't lift up.

I phoned my girlfriend and told her that I just couldn't install door locks.

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By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms.the only view was the back of a Chevron gas station. I asked him if he might tell me a little bit about reinstalling locks. it doesn't matter which part you stick in here, either end will do." I asked him if either end would do then why did one end have a nodule on it while the other end was flat?I looked at it for quite a while then I walked over to my car and looked at it for a while and then I lit a cigarette and walked back. "that's a good question," he said, "now this part, these two prongs slip in here, you hold it together against the front of the lock and tighten the 3 screws.I uncorked some wine and sat down at the typewriter and turned on the radio and smoked cigars and typed.I drank the wine and smoked and typed until somewhere between one and two a.m.I sat down, corkscrewed the bottle open and poured a drink, then I telephoned my girlfriend. " "I know," I said, "but you weren't here." 40 minutes later I was at the racetrack as they were coming out for the 5th race."it's too late for the races but I got the locks fixed." "I could have done it," she said. also, when you do this make sure the lock is in the locked position." I drove the locks back to my place and I tried the side door first and everything seemed to fit all right, it locked and unlocked, although there was space around the lock and the door itself and it wouldn't slide in flush.then I tried the front door I put the handle back on then I slipped the parts together.5 or ten minutes went by and I said, "look, let's just replace every thing..knob, new lock and I'll pay for everything." "wait," he said, "give me a chance." I read the newspaper some more, I read through the whole front section. then that's the trouble: let me see the other lock." I showed him the other lock.then the repairman stood up: "I'll be back, I'm going to have to lubricate this thing..." he was gone for about twenty minutes and when he came back the doorknob was no longer frozen and he fit the lock parts back in and bolted them home. "it works but there's still something wrong here that I don't understand." "it's strange," I said, "I had very little trouble putting the lock in the side door." "you mean," he asked, "that there are two locks? "it's falling out," I said, "but it works." he told me, "you mixed the parts of the two locks. " "no, all I have are twenties." "you'll need a receipt?


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