Scientific Method Essay

In a controlled experiment, a researcher manipulates or changes one factor and observes other factors that change in response to the manipulated one.

All other factors are controlled or kept constant throughout the experiment. The independent variable is the condition or event under study.

Often, the factor you are manipulating (the independent variable) is stated after the after the “if” part of the hypothesis statement or prediction.

The variable or factor stated after the “then” part of the statement is the dependent variable.

A prediction is then made based on the research hypothesis. An illustration of statements that represent inductive and deductive logic follows: Deductive: All dogs are animals. Inductive: Every metal I have tested expands when heated; therefore, I can expect all metals to expand when heated.

Many scientists test hypotheses by means of controlled experiments.The condition or event that may change due to the independent variable is the dependent variable.The variables that are kept the same are the controlled variables.After 6 weeks of data collection your quantitative results (bases on numerical measurements) are as follows: Mean (average) Plant Height In Centimeters (cm) Am’t of fertilizer 0ml 15ml 30ml 45ml 60ml 0 weeks 145 150 148 151 149 6 weeks 166 180 181 179 184 Increase in Height 21 30 33 28 35 Your qualitative (descriptive) data table indicates the… The scientific style of writing has its own rules and guidelines that often differ substantially from how we're taught to write essays in English or history.To do this, you want to ask a question about something you would like to know more about.Look for something that you question, or wonder why it is so. After all of this is done, you would want to find the answer to your question so you would move on to the next step in the sequence.From what you have seen, you decide that Spartan fertilizer helps houseplants grow well, and you design an experiment to test this idea.You set up the experiment as follows: 25 periwinkle plants of the same size are potted in individual 6” clay pots.All pots are filled with the same mixture and quantity of soil. You place each group on your kitchen counter equal distance from a large picture window.You water all of the plants with equal volumes of water once a week but to group 1, 15ml of fertilizer is added, to group 2, 30ml of fertilizer is added; to group 3, 45ml of fertilizer is added; to group 4, 60ml of fertilizer is added; and to group 5, no fertilizer is added (30ml of dilute fertilizer is the suggested dose).


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