Scarlet Letter Literary Analysis Thesis

The scaffold is non merely a symbol of Puritan codification but becomes a symbol for a documentation of personal wickedness. The first manner is as an evil topographic point where psyche are signed off to the Satan.

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It is magnified in the armour chest home base at Governor Bellingham & # 8217 ; s sign of the zodiac which is so utmost that it seems to conceal and cover Hester.

On the dark of Arthur Dimmesdale vigil, he sees a ruddy Angstrom in the sky.

I feel it represents a sweet individual hidden in the incasements of a dark prison, a true diamond in the rough.

The symbol for Puritanism, harmonizing to one critic, is when Hawthorne uses the beadle.

The brightness of the twenty-four hours, nevertheless, is the symbol of exposure, where everything is seen. The Sun is bright with joy and has a life free of guilt.

Pearl, as she runs in the wood, obtains and absorbs this sunlight.

Able, for Hester has won the regard of the Puritans even if she has sinned awfully.

Hawthorne uses the prison edifice to depict offense and penalty in contrast with the gravestone at the terminal of the novel.

The most obvious symbol in the novel is the existent vermilion & # 8220 ; A & # 8221 ; which both the unfavorable judgment and I agree upon.

This & # 8220 ; A & # 8221 ; is the actual symbol of the wickedness of criminal conversation.


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