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This mindset makes those sacrifices much more palatable.

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One person may not have to give up what another will, but there are certain common sacrifices that we all must make if we intend to become winners in life. We have to be in a state of discomfort to learn new things and to take risks.

No celebrated athlete, no world leader, no successful businessman or author, musician, or artist has “made it” without also making sacrifices – without giving up some parts of their former lives. Your Comfort Zone When we are comfortable, we aren’t growing.

Nothing worthwhile comes easily or quickly, no matter what you may think. Stability Stability is what you have when you are in your comfort zone.

And you have to decide if you are willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term goals. Sleep You will give up sleep marching toward your goal. No matter what goal you have identified, you will be sacrificing old behaviors and the stability that comes with them.

When these things happened, you can either back off and slip back into your comfort zone, or you can “lick your wounds” and press on.

This may be easy to identify – hopefully, these are things such as your values, your integrity, your health, and your family.Life is not stable when we make change of any kind. A Smooth Path There is no smooth path when you intend to become a winner in life.Mistakes will be made; failures will happen; things will not go as you planned.When I was 5, my family moved to a Thailand refugee camp because my mother wanted greater opportunities for her family.My mom taught me to take advantage of every opportunity that I have.These can be big sacrifices, because they put us in an unknown place where we have to forge a new path.And it can be lonely, until we find new connections and new support systems. Leisure Time You have to be hungry enough that you are willing to give up some of the time you used to spend just hanging out, watching TV, playing video games, enjoying the Internet, and going out with friends.All of these things were possible in your former life, because your work allowed that.Now, however, you have to learn new things and focus on where you will be next month and next year.That goal might be a college degree, and you will be working and going to school and studying for tests and writing essays and papers. You will definitely be losing sleep, crafting and implementing your business plan, looking for funding; you will lose sleep with worry and anxiety. You will find yourself writing at odd hours, meeting deadlines, finding a publisher willing to take a chance and/or marketing your self-published masterpiece. If your goal is to spend more time with your family, then you will be sacrificing leisure time and some income-producing activities.If you are starting a new business and are using your savings to do it, then you are losing some financial stability.


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